Country House Ca' Virginia.

When you talk and think of Cà Virginia
you feel good relaxed you smell the lavender
fresh Italian herbs red roses and a smile appears
on your suntanned face
The all natural style that Cà Virginia offers you
the surroundings of marvelous medieval town
makes it even more special staying in
this unique Country house
Being situated in the Montefeltro hills
close to beautiful Urbino you never want
to leave this territory this is the place to be...
maybe the "promised land" "Citta Ideale" is right here!?...

Country House Ca' Virginia.

Ca’Virginia - Historic Country House in Le Marche Region

This rustic Country House Ca'Virginia from 14th century has been restored with attention to details and attention to environmental sustainability. Modern architecture and typical materials of the region will make your holiday to something special.

The Ca'Virginia Country House is nestled in the picturesque hills of Montefeltro close to Urbino Unesco World Heritage only 20 km to the Adriatic sea. The unique historical environment, the culture and the picturesque nature will make your holiday in the Marche to an unforgettable experience.

Environmental protection and sustainability play a major role at the Country House Ca'Virginia. The entire estate is supplied by a solar-thermal and geothermal photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic system with 200 KW is one of the largest constructions in the region and supplies the entire property, including spa area with sustainable energy. The Country House Ca'Virginia can proudly call themselves Green Community Area. We are certified ISO 14000.

Enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the beautiful nature. Forests, glades and waterways form the natural environment of Country Houses Ca'Virginia. An ideal place for active Holidays: running, cycling biking and hiking, trekking, nordic walking. Enjoy your Relax

We are looking forward to your visit and meet you soon.
Rossi Family